Cultural Experiences

/Cultural Experiences

Nail Art Workshop ( 6,000 Yen per person ) *Currently not available

After brief orientation with the teacher,start making decoration nails according to teachers guidance.

You may keep the nails after class is done.

***Course are available with Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean assistance upon request.
This workshop is currently not available.

【FREE】Japanese Manner and Etiquette Lessons

Useful lessons on Japanese manners.

Theme 1: How to use chopsticks – Learn how to hold and use chopsticks, as well as basic Japanese table manners.
Theme 2: Public bath etiquette – Ota-ku has many sento, or public bathhouses. Learn sento etiquette and manners from a video and learn how to enjoy sento to the fullest. Map […]

Simple Japanese Lessons ( Free )

Learn useful Japanese phrases during your stay in Japan while having fun!

Original pictures and phrase booklet is provided.

Theme 1: Shopping: How to ask the price, how to use items and products, how to cook, expiration date and more.
Theme 2: General Communication:  Simple Japanese words for delicious, fun, cute and so forth to express your feelings.

***Besides […]

Japanese Traditional Games ( Free )

Experience Japanese traditional games. Fun for all ages, including small children.

Ayatori (String figure): A Japanese traditional play where you manipulate sting on and around the fingers and wrist to form a design.
Kendama: Kendama is a Japanese traditional toy with ball and string that has gained international popularity resulting in international kendama competitions.
Otedama (Beanbag juggling): Some […]

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Japanese Craft Making ( Free )

You can make a small craft using Japanese traditional paper.

Enjoy the transformation of a piece of beautifully patterned paper.***Besides Japanese language, English, Chinese and Korean are also available.

Robot Programming Workshop ( Free )

Robot workshop is available  from 9AM to 9PM everyday without reservation ahead time.

***This workshop is available with Japanese,English,Chinese and Korean.
This workshop is currently not available.