• 鶯


Genmai cha was invented in Kyoto and Stem tea is from Shizuoka. Genmai is made of Sen-cha leaves .Its had been modified  into the modern method, also the  roasted brown rice has been mixed with its own recipes.You can taste this extra savory,extra delicious tea with beautiful colorsin every sip.Its also suitable as a souvenir.

  • ペールエール

Pale Ale

Pale Ale is the first beer in Ota City brewed and well known for its continuous all time favorites .The taste is a bit bitter yet ,gentle and mild. If you’re a first time drinker of Pale Ale then,prepare your tastebuds for a delicious exciting drink.

  • 羽田大谷の若炊あさり

Haneda Otani Clams

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It all start with adding in a high quality ingredient, then cook the clam till they’re soft and fluffy. Using large clams will certainly help you to achieve the best tasteful result. Creating scrumptious taste into a rich simmering balances,Tsukudani that can easily be match with several  other dishes which have allowed […]

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IkeDaRe has been  blended by few kinds of ingredients and selected flavor ,also their recipes that help create and balance  the effect of the sauce.

Ikedare also goes on  as a seasoning when you use it to add more savory flavor to the dish .

  • 浅炊たらこ昆布

Asataki Tarako Konbu

Cutting into big piece with crunchy texture of Tarako simmering with finely chopped Hidaka sea weed.

Its’ can also appreciate and enjoy the savoy taste. The sweet and salty taste of Tsukudani will goes perfectly with  Ochazuke and rice ball.


  • 蒲田カステラ

Kamata Castella

The soft and fluffy castella was baked with granulated sugar  in a round doughnut shape.

Practically the shape was created from the image of the train engine wheel from the olden days of Kamata’s film industry.

The confectionery chose Wasanbo Syrup sugar to substitute for baking.