• ちんちん千鳥

ちんちん千鳥 ChinChin Chidori

Added orange peel into yellow bean paste with white chocolate coating ,strawberry and matcha chocolate coating.

8 Assortments  (4 white chocolate,2 strawberry,2 matcha)

“Not Available Now”

  • 穴守の鈴

Anamoris’ Bell

Cute and small ,this is  one bite size of Japanese Bell shape sweets are 3pcs in one set.Made by highest  quality of selected ingredients.It’s also famously known  for offering to god in expression of worship.

  • ポルボローネス


Polvorones is a soft and crumbly type of Spanish shortbread originating from Andalusia.

This desert is available and packaged in three flavours catering to the taste palate of Japanese people:

Cinnamon, Sesame and Matcha

  • あんみつ


Asanoya selects some of the best seaweed from Nishi Izu for its agar.The seaweed is place into huge copper pots and boiled until it becomes elastic.The texture is amazing.

The combination of this desert is: sweet and sour fruits, with a sweetness of black honey flavors catering to its taste.

Asanoya, holds a legacy of serving Anmitsu

  • くず餅


Fermented wheat starch for the traditional Japanese food was started since Edo period.The mochi is topped with:Brown sugar,soy bean flour(Kinako),the beans were selected from Hokkaido.

  • 東京あげパン

Tokyo Agepan

Agepan is originally from Unogi. It also can be found on the elementary and Junior High School lunch menus.

La-Viel has widespread this Deep Fried Bread into the entire country and that raised attention from all the gourmet of Ota City.Much better serve immediately.Gratification to the taste buds.

  • ベーグル(和み)

Kamata Bagel

The Bagel made from blended koji rice and natural yeast that’s from Hokkaido. Gugu Guru Bagel it’s the only place where you can find the best texture of bagel. Yomogi Bagel was contains with grain Tokachi Azuki and cream cheese. Kamata Nagomi bagel was collaboration of western and Japanese taste palate.

  • 大田大森町散歩

Ota Omori Machi Sanpo

Kinkaido Confectionery had chosen five popular sweets for the assortment.

“Kurigoromo”is the most popular among the sweets.

“Mugibatake” a sweet name, is for remembrance of the olden days of Omori  District, which made wheat straw.

Daifuku wrap with baked crust pie inside, contains sweet paste plum.

Plum is the symbol flower of Ota City.

  • Brass Bookmarker

Brass Bookmarker

Simple,beautiful and elegant enough that you’ll never tire from looking at it.This brass bookmark serves as  a reminders.The design is flat,smooth and non cutting to the surface.There is a lots of pride for these craftsman’s finest work.

  • 精密独楽

Spinning Top

This unique and high precision Spinning Top is proudly made by Ota Factory Craftsman.The quality of the spinning top is made from the material used in relation to the  H11 Rocket and aerospace parts.Its extremely steadily spin will continue to multiple minutes,especially,on a smooth surface