• 穴守の鈴

Anamoris’ Bell

Cute and small ,this is  one bite size of Japanese Bell shape sweets are 3pcs in one set.Made by highest  quality of selected ingredients.It’s also famously known  for offering to god in expression of worship.

  • ポルボローネス


Polvorones is a soft and crumbly type of Spanish shortbread originating from Andalusia.

This desert is available and packaged in three flavours catering to the taste palate of Japanese people:

Cinnamon, Sesame and Matcha

  • あんみつ


Asanoya selects some of the best seaweed from Nishi Izu for its agar.The seaweed is place into huge copper pots and boiled until it becomes elastic.The texture is amazing.

The combination of this desert is: sweet and sour fruits, with a sweetness of black honey flavors catering to its taste.

Asanoya, holds a legacy of serving Anmitsu

  • 東京あげパン

Tokyo Agepan

Agepan is originally from Unogi. It also can be found on the elementary and Junior High School lunch menus.

La-Viel has widespread this Deep Fried Bread into the entire country and that raised attention from all the gourmet of Ota City.Much better serve immediately.Gratification to the taste buds.

  • 大田大森町散歩

Ota Omori Machi Sanpo

Kinkaido Confectionery had chosen five popular sweets for the assortment.

“Kurigoromo”is the most popular among the sweets.

“Mugibatake” a sweet name, is for remembrance of the olden days of Omori  District, which made wheat straw.

Daifuku wrap with baked crust pie inside, contains sweet paste plum.

Plum is the symbol flower of Ota City.

  • エスカルゴ


Danish dough baked traditionally with real butter with a soft and tender texture and then filled with a rich almond-flavored cream with the right hint of rum. This delectable pastry, extremely popular with locals, has been selling for 40 years.

  • 大森貝塚マドレーヌ

Omori Kaizuka Madeleine

This popular sweet is named Omori Kaizuka. It was discovered by Dr.  Edward S.  Morse.

This unique dessert features  flavors that  match the tastes of  Japanese people and is available in the following flavors: Pumpkin, Matcha, Brown Sugar and Honey.

  • エッグセレントタルト

Eggcelent Tart

Eggcelent tarts are made using the fresh, thick-yolk eggs sent daily from the farm in Yamanashi Prefecture.

From these fresh eggs, you can instantly taste the flavor of fluffy egg sponge.

These Portuguese egg tarts have their own unique and distinctively flavor and taste.

  • 蒲田カステラ

Kamata Castella

The soft and fluffy castella was baked with granulated sugar  in a round doughnut shape.

Practically the shape was created from the image of the train engine wheel from the olden days of Kamata’s film industry.

The confectionery chose Wasanbo Syrup sugar to substitute for baking.

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