• ごま団子


Sweet Japanese rice dumpling made from selected rice flower with sweet goma (black sesami) and chopped walnut sauce.

Only available Wednesday and Saturday at Ota City TIC.

  • 海苔茶漬

Nori Chazuke

Amazing portion of nori flakes makes this ochazuke seasoning very special.

Made by nori seaweed specialty shop in Ota ward. Very popular item to be sold out every gift seasons.

Simply pour boiled water or dashi soup of your choice over cooked rice and enjoy the one and only ochazuke on your own.

  • 煎煎煎茶

Sen・Sen・Sen・Cha (80g)

This is a Sencha mixed with tea made in Ogasa and Fujieda in Shizuoka Pref.

Usually 70 to 80 degrees hot water suits sencha green tea, but the cool taste with harmony of astringency and taste can be enjoyed with higher temperature of water.

It is the Shizuoka green tea that makes good taste and turns strong […]

  • 鶯


Uguisu is Genmai-tea (Brown rice green tea consisting of green tea mixed with roasted popped brown rice) with maccha( green tea ) added to it.   Similar flavor to plain genmai tea, but the flavor is richer and the color is greener. Enjoy as hot or iced, goes good with both Japanese and western sweets. Recommended for souvenirs […]

  • ペールエール

Pale Ale

The only brewery in Ota City produced this craft beer with a label drawn Haneda Airport. The taste is mild so anyone may enjoy it.

  • 羽田大谷の若炊あさり

Haneda Otani Clams

High-quality large clams will certainly help you to achieve the best taste. This scrumptious taste won the gold medal in Monde Selection in 8 consecutive years and certified “The Wonder 500” by the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry.

  • Plate Lunch Nanary_DSC5383_r☆


IkeDaRe has been  blended by few kinds of ingredients and selected flavor ,also their recipes that help create and balance  the effect of the sauce.

Ikedare also goes on  as a seasoning when you use it to add more savory flavor to the dish .

  • 浅炊たらこ昆布

Cod roe with seaweed

This tsukudani has exquisite combination of the crunchy texture of large-size cod roe and finely sliced of Hokkaido Hidaka kelp.

It is cooked with less salt, so you can healthily enjoy the taste.
Putting it into boiled rice in soup and into rice ball is also recommended.

  • エスカルゴ


Danish dough baked traditionally with real butter with a soft and tender texture and then filled with a rich almond-flavored cream with the right hint of rum. This delectable pastry, extremely popular with locals, has been selling for 40 years.

  • 123

Yaki Nori(Paper Wrapping)

Ariake Sea is the biggest and most famous sea area for producing seaweed in Japan. The quality of the Nori is most popular.The seaweed texture (Nori)is soft and it melts in your mouth. Morihans’  appreciated its establishment for more than 100 years.It’s constantly making the most tender and flavorful Nori in Japan.

Paper wrapping 5 Colors: […]