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Shitamachi Bobsleigh T-Shirt

Americans love the popular winter sport “Bobsleigh,” which is like F1 on ice, and car manufacturers such as Ferrari and BMW compete to develop the best sleighs for it. 70 small and medium-sized factories in Ota-ku bring together their individual technological know-how in order to develop made-in-Japan bobsleighs for the Japanese bobsleigh representatives to pilot. […]

Sugaku Art

“Sugaku Art” is a stainless steel objet d’art that uses metalworking to display multivariable functions in three dimensional graph form. Dozens of metal sheets are cut and arranged in a grid pattern to display the curve of each function for this mystical “visible art.” Their profound form changes depending on where you stand as the […]

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Face Clip

The “Face Clip” released in August of 2007 is a smash hit from a major toy manufacturer that has sold over 600,000 units. Many of you must be familiar with the freaky yet cute face of this expressive piggy bank that eats coins you give to it.

This uniquely designed modern art piggy bank that inspires […]