This confectionery takes fragrant and slightly sweet bean jelly and adds dry strawberry, dry fig, and walnuts. It is a prize product that is designed to be “a Japanese confectionery that goes well with bread,” which is achieved thanks to its rum-smelling red bean paste and the combination of the lumpy texture of the figs and the unique texture of the walnuts. Enjoy it in 1 cm thick slices.

Choice Ingredients

All of the sweet bean jelly’s ingredients are chosen for quality. The fine-grained bean paste made from 100% Hokkaido adzuki beans gives the product a smooth texture. It uses pure brown sugar from Iriomote-jima in Okinawa, a friend of sugarcane farmers, and is grown with care in a green environment with an abundance of water that gives it its excellent flavor. The figs are from Turkey and are both soft and large.

More information

  • Wagashi Asobi
  • Price (tax incl): ¥2,500

  • Selected for the 2013 Ota-ku “Ota Excellents”
    Selected for the 2015 METI “TheWonder500™”