Useful lessons on Japanese manners.

  • Theme 1: How to use chopsticks – Learn how to hold and use chopsticks, as well as basic Japanese table manners.
  • Theme 2: Public bath etiquette – Ota-ku has many sento, or public bathhouses. Learn sento etiquette and manners from a video and learn how to enjoy sento to the fullest. Map about bathhouses in Ota-ku is to be provided so you can easily find one nearby. Try the health benefits of black hot spring water very unique to Ota-ku.
  • Theme 3: Yukata etiquette at a Ryokan – Are you knowledgeable about manners at a Ryokan, or Japanese inn? For example, there are rules for how to wear Yukata that you can learn by actually trying one on yourself. Learn this and much more and become a Ryokan expert.

*You need to choose one of the three themes.

***This workshop is available with Japanese,English,Chinese and Korean upon request.

More information

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Fee: Free of charge
  • Reservation: Not required