Experience Japanese traditional games. Fun for all ages, including small children.

  • Ayatori (String figure): A Japanese traditional play where you manipulate sting on and around the fingers and wrist to form a design.
  • Kendama: Kendama is a Japanese traditional toy with ball and string that has gained international popularity resulting in international kendama competitions.
  • Otedama (Beanbag juggling): Some pieces of kimono fabric are stitched into a bag with some beans in it, which is called an Otedama (Beanbag). You can juggle them or throw and catch them with other people.
  • Fukuwarai (Lucky Face): A game where you put individual parts of the face such as the eyes, mouth and nose onto a blank face with a blindfold on to see the humorous results. One of the Japanese traditional plays for the new year’s celebration.

***This workshop is available with Japanese,English,Chinese and Korean upon request.

More information

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Fee: Free of charge
  • Reservation: Not required