“Sugaku Art” is a stainless steel objet d’art that uses metalworking to display multivariable functions in three dimensional graph form. Dozens of metal sheets are cut and arranged in a grid pattern to display the curve of each function for this mystical “visible art.” Their profound form changes depending on where you stand as the repeatedly overlapping geometric weaves give off their mysterious glimmer …and it is all created from a formula using only two variables. You are bound to think, “Wait, was math always this beautiful?” when you see them. “That” formula which you could only see in CG form up until now has been materialized and brought into reality by expert craftsmen. The nine different types totaling 20 pieces of art are guaranteed to bring you both astonishment and discovery. This picture is the “Pegasus II,” which expresses the formula .

More information

  • Ohashi Engineering
  • Price (tax included): ¥17,973
  • Selected for the 2011 Ota-ku “New Product/Technology Competition”