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Haneda Daiko

This store is famous for their “Haneda Daiko” dorayaki (red bean pancake), which contains an entire chestnut. For the bean filling, you can choose between ogura bean paste and white bean paste. Each filling is coarse and moderately sweet. The soft exterior castella combined with the whole chestnut makes for an exquisite balance of texture […]

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Dried Fruit Sweet Bean Jelly

This confectionery takes fragrant and slightly sweet bean jelly and adds dry strawberry, dry fig, and walnuts. It is a prize product that is designed to be “a Japanese confectionery that goes well with bread,” which is achieved thanks to its rum-smelling red bean paste and the combination of the lumpy texture of the figs […]

  • 蒲田温泉まんじゅう

Kamata Hot Spring Manjuu

“Kiyono” is most popular Japanese confectionery store in the Kamata area, and their manjuu (buns) have been featured on a famous Japanese TV show. The combination of Hokkaido adzuki beans and the secret wrapping made from domestic high quality wheat flour make for the perfect manjuu, and they are a must have when visiting the […]

  • アンオトメ


Hanako Muraoka, the translator of “Anne of Green Gables” and model for the protagonist of the TV show “Hanako to Anne,” lived in Omori, Ota-ku. Many different sweets associated with the series have been made over the years, including the Anne-otome. It may seem like an ordinary dorayaki stamped with the shape of Prince Edward […]

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Sweetfish Castella, Doll Cake

The sweetfish castella and doll cakes are extremely popular with locals, are “baked everyday and sold out everyday,” and come loaded in a bag for ¥215, a price that hasn’t seen a change for years! The doll cakes feature fluffy castella cake wrapped around moderately sweet strained bean paste. The sweetfish castella are fluffy castella […]

  • 馬込三寸人参まんじゅう

Magome Sanzun Carrot Manjuu

The Obuto carrot, an “Edo vegetable” that originated from Ota-ku, is still cultivated today in the town of Magome, and they are ground up and stuffed into a manjuu to make the delicious Magome Sanzun Carrot Manjuu. Even people who dislike carrots are certain to love these buns.


Anne had a penchant for giving names to beautiful things. For example, she once saw a romantic-looking path lined with maple trees and named it “Lovers’ Lane.” This filled pastry is filled with strawberry flavored white bean jam and is garnished with cherry blossoms.

Mihara Donuts

These healthy and popular “baked donuts” are cooked to perfection each time.
Choice Ingredients
Made using top quality wheat flour, and high quality granulated sugar.

Vegetable Jam

This is a famous organic deli that sells many products, including the “Vegetable Jam” made from seasonal vegetables produced by Kiyoji Tamura with more than 30 years of experience of organic farming in Yokohama. They are very particular about their choice of seasonings, and use daikon beet sugar and sun-dried salt for its high mineral […]

Kamata Kiriko

“Kiriko” refers to a type of cut glass, introduced to Japan through the Silk Road. It is the origin of “Edo Kiriko,” the Japanese traditional handicraft. “Kamata Kiriko” is a handicraft that takes Edo Kiriko and combines it with the modern spirit of Kamata. Skilled craftsmen cut away and polish glass over and over by […]