• 蒲田カステラ

Kamata Castella

The soft and fluffy castella was baked with granulated sugar  in a round doughnut shape.

Practically the shape was created from the image of the train engine wheel from the olden days of Kamata’s film industry.

The confectionery chose Wasanbo Syrup sugar to substitute for baking.

  • 甘納豆

Ama-nattou (Sweetened beans)

Japanese style confectionery, sweetened Tamba black beans.

Boiled in molasses and then sprinkled with sugar.

Enjoy the natural flavor of very special black beans at your tea break.

  • 純米吟醸酒蒲田

Kamata Kikou 720ml

Refreshing taste and sharpness flavor are created by the Combination of sake rice called “Gohyakumangoku” and “Shiragiku water” which has been selected as one of the best water in Japan.

*Junmai:  is sake made only with rice, koji and water

*Ginjyo: is more than 40% of the outer layer removed from the rice

  • ginjo_kinkon-junmaiginjo-haneda-720ml

Haneda Junmai Ginjyo 720ml/180ml

The rich flavors and the aroma are brewed from sake rice called “Hattan Nishiki” and subsoil water from Mt.Fuji. at Toyoshima Sake Brewery in Tokyo.

*Junmai:  is sake made only with rice, koji and water

*Ginjyo: is more than 40% of the outer layer removed from the rice  







720ml                        180ml

  • black cider

Kuroyu Cider

 Ota City is famous for many hot springs and the number of public baths. “KUROYU” -black-colored  hot springs water is one of the unique aspect of  Ota City for its color and efficacy. Ota City and Kawasaki City collaborated to produce this soda with an image of “KUROYU”.  Available to purchase only at limited shops and public […]

  • IMG_0646

Haneda Daiko

This store is famous for their “Haneda Daiko” dorayaki (red bean pancake), which contains an entire chestnut. For the bean filling, you can choose between ogura bean paste and white bean paste. Each filling is coarse and moderately sweet. The soft exterior castella combined with the whole chestnut makes for an exquisite balance of texture […]

  • yokan-1

Dried Fruit Sweet Bean Jelly

This confectionery takes fragrant and slightly sweet bean jelly and adds dry strawberry, dry fig, and walnuts. It is a prize product that is designed to be “a Japanese confectionery that goes well with bread,” which is achieved thanks to its rum-smelling red bean paste and the combination of the lumpy texture of the figs […]